MESSAGE FROM: University of Zululand by Xoliswa Mtose, Vice Chancellor

The University of Zululand is once again proud to be associated with the Symposium of Contemporary Conservation Practice.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the Symposium grow in stature to become one of the most important events in the biodiversity conservation calendar.

The 2015 Symposium being held under the theme: Exploring the science, practice and value of nature conservation, promises to be yet another successful symposium. This is because the Symposium of Contemporary Conservation Practice is a platform for real and meaningful engagements that shape the way we think about and practice nature conservation.

Such symposia are important not only as platforms at which we gather to share ideas around the topics related to nature conservation but are also vital in ensuring that that we keep abreast with the changing trends in biodiversity management and conservation.

Biodiversity is the basis of our existence here on earth and thus remains one of the most critical subject matters. Frankly our lives depend on it and for this reason we should continue to seek new knowledge and to engage continuously on this subject.

As a university we are passionate about the acquisition, generation and the sharing of new knowledge which is why we support this symposium.

We believe in generating new knowledge that works for the betterment of our communities as such initiatives can only strengthen these efforts.

The University of Zululand has over the years played an active role in promoting nature conservation. This has been achieved through collaborative efforts borne out of a strong working relationship with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and through a number of programmes that we offer at our University.

Such partnerships are important as we thrive to make sure that nature conservation is at the forefront of our collective agenda as a nation.

Judging by the successes of the past symposia we do not doubt that this one will be a success too. On behalf of the University of Zululand I therefore wish you successful and productive engagements.

Professor Xoliswa Mtose


University of Zululand