Mid-Symposium Field Trips

Sign up at the Registration Desk before 13h30 on Tuesday 5 November 2013.

Delegates are invited to take a break and join a mid-Symposium field trip on Wednesday afternoon after lunch (14h30 17h00).
This is a great opportunity for delegates to network informally, as well as way to see the Midlands countryside, support local crafters, visit a conservation project, commune with nature or stretch their legs. Team leaders and vehicles will be waiting for you in the parking area of the Fern Hill Hotel, to leave at 14h30 sharp! Remember to come appropriately attired with a hat, sunscreen, walking shoes and jacket. All spending during these fieldtrips rides, entrance fees, refreshments and other purchases will be to your own account, so bring some cash with you (approximate costs will be available at the registration desk).


Karkloof Canopy Walk
Led by Rickert van der Westhuizen, Cell: 082 347 4642

The Karkloof Canopy Tour® is a unique ecoexperience that takes people on a 2 hour adventure through the magnificent Karkloof indigenous forest. The canopy tour involves traversing from one platform to another along a steel cable suspended up to 30m above the forest floor. The tour comprises nine platforms and eight slides that zigzag down a pristine forested valley. The scenery and birdlife is spectacular and professional guides provide interesting facts about the forest ecology during the tour. The cost of the tour depends on the number of delegates who sign up, and varies from R 371.25 to R495.00.



Bill Barnes Crane and Oribi Sanctuary
Led by Brent Coverdale, Cell: 082 560 9769

The KwaZuluNatal Crane Foundation (KZNCF) is the only non-profit organization in the province solely dedicated to the conservation of South Africa’s three threatened crane species. Since 1989, the foundation has successfully fostered public awareness of the threats to crane survival and encouraged active stewardship of KwaZuluNatal’s diminishing wetland and grassland ecosystems upon which cranes and human communities depend.



Nottingham Brewery Tour
Led by Andy Blackmore, Cell: 082 908 5888

Make a visit to our Midlands-based microbrewery, sample the ultimate taste of the KwaZuluNatal Midlands. The historic Rawdons Hotel Estate has a cosy pub that is the ideal place to sample the beers produced at South Africa’s most notable microbrewery. Apparently the brew masters have personalities as distinct as their beers which are well rounded and vary from mild to slightly bitter, bearing names reminiscent of the animal kingdom. The beers are 100% organic, containing no chemicals and brewed with water sourced from a well on the Rawdons property. The range of ales and lagers are sure to satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning beerdrinker: Tiddly Toad Light Lager – 3%, PyeEyed Possum Pilsner – 4,6%,  Whistling Weasel Pale Ale – 4,5%, Pickled Pig Porters – 5,5%. The brewery also has a gift shop where one can purchase a favourite beer to take home, or pick up one of the many beer-related novelty items on sale. After the tour, participating delegates can amble over to the Rawdons Boars’ Head pub (a true English pub renowned for its hearty pub menu and crackling firenaturally weather dependent) to enjoy a beer and to continue with pressing discussions including the “Buffalo Theory” (if you want to know more, join the tour!). Brewery tour is free, and non-beer drinkers welcome.