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Wildlife Poisoning Prevention & Conflict Resolution


The National Invasive Animal Forum (NIAF) was formed on 7 March 2013 in Cape Town with the aim of gathering experience and expertise in the field. The forum will assist conservationists and urban managers deal with the conflict associated with animal invasions. The forum is an open platform for scientists, biologists, conservationists, policy-makers and other interested stakeholders concerned about issues relating to invasive animals.A National Forum can:
 Pull each province/city or management authority out of isolation to work together
 Encourage use of national legislation ~ CARA and NEMBA
 Encourage sharing of methodologies, experience, etc. to enact legislation
 Encourage collaboration as a National Project in the National Interest.
In July the Government published a set of regulations that affect gardeners and property owners across the country. The regulations are related to the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004 (Act No. 10 of 2004) and contain lists of invasive species that require a range of control measures including removal, permits and management plans if found on your property. The new National List of Invasive Species includes 14 fish, 9 reptiles, 9 birds, 15 mammals and 106 plants (13 of which appear in existing legislation). Listed species are deemed either Category 1a: invasive species that require compulsory control or 1b: invasive species that require control by means of an invasive species management programme.It is important to note that mallard ducks, house crows, Indian (common) myna birds, and red-eared slider terrapins require compulsory control, as well as management plans and permits to keep. Among the declared invader mammals are the Himalayan tahr, feral pigs, Rainbow trout, small and large mouth bass, and Nile tilapia.
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