The poaching gamble : “Hunting with dogs” threatens the existence of Oribi in South Africa

Samson SB Phakathi

The oribi (Ourebia ourebi) is a small antelope listed as endangered in the South African Red Data Book. One of the main reasons for its recent declines is illegal hunting with dogs. Poaching in South Africa appears to be increasing, and yet little is documented about this form of poaching. This talk presents a proposed project in the Natal midlands using interviews in several rural settlements prioritized based on preliminary data illustrating high levels of current poaching activity. This is intended to establish information about their perceptions of illegal hunting, frequency and preferred methods of poaching, and their knowledge of conservation and the laws protecting game. This will also extend to Local farmers and landowners with a view of gauging the effects of poaching on private land and their opinions on who is poaching and why. It appears that poaching is common and therefore a real threat to indigenous wildlife. In some areas poverty seems to be a factor affecting the frequency of poaching by rural communities but the majority of the illegal hunting practices are motivated by gambling, in these cases large groups of people and dogs are involved and considerable numbers of indiscriminate prey are taken.  In addition, there seems to be a recreational and social significance of hunting where sport/gambling and possibly cultural drivers influence hunting activities. To reduce poaching and its effects on wildlife populations, further education about environmental laws particularly to hunters, the justice system and members of the police is essential. This talk will seek to:

  • Expose and generate discussions about the ins and outs as far as the illegal dog hunting practice is concerned table gaps in law enforcement Uncover personal experiences when dealing with communities on sensitive issues like poaching.

Presentation Topic

The poaching gamble : “Hunting with dogs” threatens the existence of Oribi in South Africa


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