The role of mangroves on securing critical biodiversity areas along the Kenyan coast

Mangroves and associated ecosystems are important resources and vital to the socio-econimic developments of the coastal regions.  They supply forestry products, fishery breeding grounds and sites for developing eco-tourism.  Tidentified for assessment of faecal pollution. Significantly higher concentrations (p < 0.05) of Escherichia coli were observed in mangrove free areas (Kibokoni and Kenya meat commission area). Samples were collected by immersing sterile glass bottles into the water about 10 cm below the surface during high tide, immediately put into ice-cooled boxes and transported to the laboratory for analysis within 3 to 6 hours of collection. 1 ml of the samples was inoculated in multiple fermentation tubes (5 tube series) containing MacConkey broth, incubated for 24 h at 44°C. Turbid tubes with gas (CO2) were seen due to lactose fermentation, colour changed from purple to yellow due to acid production indicated presumptive positive results. The numbers of indicator bacteria was determined using Most Probable Number (MPN) tables described in APHA (1995). Maximum concentrations were observed at Kibokoni and Kenya meat commission area throughout the sampling period with values of 9000 ± 200 which varied significantly between the sites. These values exceeded the permissible levels by EEC standards.  The high levels of contamination were attributed to anthropogenic activities, which led to mangrove destruction. However mangroves act as aquatic purifiers, filtering discharged wastewater by absorbing nutrients from the sewage, reducing toxicity limiting sewage pollution. Therefore, Educational awareness need to be initiated to the local communities by Using constructed sewage treatment plant as an innovative solution.

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The role of mangroves on securing critical biodiversity areas along the Kenyan coast


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