Papers and talks presented at the 2019 Conservation Symposium were organised into the following themes:

Plenary Session

Conserving in the face of Global Change

Biodiversity Stewardship and Securing Critical Biodiversity Areas

Arm in Arm – Linking Conservation Managers and Local Communities to Achieve Conservation Goals

Global Change Research and Monitoring in the Maloti-Drakensberg Mountain System (South Africa-Lesotho)

Threatened Species

The Role of Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Perspectives in Biodiversity Conservation

Mining threats in marine and coastal environments

Innovative Technology and Data Management Practices for Conservation

Marine Conservation

Vulture Conservation in the 21st Century – What will it take to save Africa’s vultures?

Feedback, reflections, and learnings from Developing a National Elephant Conservation Strategy

Marine and Estuarine Conservation

Co-Management of Protected Areas and the Biodiversity Economy

Elephant Management: Further Perspectives

Understanding and Managing Ecological Changes and Processes

Land-Use Change and Other Threats to Biodiversity

Effective Management of Protected Areas – What is required to ensure their viability?

Science-Based Meta-Population Management for Recovery of Species in Crisis – A Case Study using Black Rhinoceros

Lead (Pb) in Wildlife and the Environment -Working Towards Ensuring that African Wildlife is not Harmed by Exposure to Lead

Management of Protected Areas

Convening Learning Partnerships for Effective Collaborative Action in Critical Catchments

Closing Session

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