Biodiversity Stewardship is recognised as a key mechanism for expanding protected areas, securing biodiversity priority areas, and implementing an integrated landscape approach to biodiversity management. The first provincial biodiversity stewardship programme was initiated in 2004 in the Western Cape. Ten years on, all nine provinces have biodiversity stewardship programmes, with five provinces having reached the point of declaring protected areas through the programme. Despite substantial growth and uptake of the programmes, biodiversity stewardship remains a new and innovating space. A technical working group exists, convened by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), to support the development and implementation of the programmes. However, there is no broader Forum for programme partners to share experiences, learn and create wider collaborations. This session aims to bring together interesting and innovative talks from provincial representatives, as well as NGO’s working in with stewardship in the landscape. Topics range from game certification schemes, to securing threatened plant species and working with communal landowners. The final session will focus on the national case for biodiversity stewardship, as well as an overview of new tax incentives.​