The workshop will have three 20 minute presentations followed by an opportunity to discuss initiatives and ways forward for South Africa. Objectives of the workshop: 1. Provide short presentations highlighting the state of road ecology internationally and in South Africa, using examples of current studies in South Africa. 2. Provide enhanced networking opportunities for road ecologists from South Africa and internationally. 3. Identify which key lessons and principles of road ecology that were developed in the developed world are relevant and applicable for South Africa. 4. Discuss issues associated with the development of an improved road network for local and national development versus conservation issues. 5. Identify a suite of key research questions and issues which are unique to Africa and have not been adequately addressed by developed countries. 6. Impact and management of roads in protected areas, buffer zones and transboundary conservation. 7. Impacts of mining / fracking in South Africa. 8. Raising awareness and communication – use of social media. 9. Prepare an outline and determine authorship for a short “issues and solutions” paper. The workshop would be open to approximately 30 participants. The following abstracts provide an outline of the presentations and ideas for discussion. Workshop participants will be given an agenda and specific “homework” to complete and bring to the workshop to facilitate the discussion and contribute to identifying key issues and solutions to enhancing road ecology and wildlife conservation in developing countries.