The management of cultural heritage of southern Africa, and especially protected areas, has traditionally been informed and managed by heritage specialist, agencies and institutions. In South Africa the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act no 25 of 1999), as well as the KwaZulu-Natal Heritage Act (Act no 4 of 2008) in KwaZulu-Natal form the legislative platform, but not exclusively, for heritage management. For many decades it been assumed that cultural heritage management were dependent only on the insights of heritage specialists, heritage legislation and applicable policy formulation. This Session is proposed to discuss general and particular heritage sites and issues and their implications in terms of best management practice. It is aimed at both heritage practitioners and conservationist who have to deal with cultural heritage matters.

The aim is to elucidate the most common issues seen in cultural heritage management. Presenters are invited to bring along case studies or presentations to clarify problematical or interesting cases from their own experience. It is also hoped that this session will enhance the understanding of the role that heritage can play in the management and promotion of protected areas. Additionally it is hoped that such an interdisciplinary forum will raise awareness of the factors that conservation staff need to take in to account when managing protected and conservation areas by discussing current challenges and strategies in cultural heritage management. It is hoped that the Session will serve to broaden horizons, encourage conversations and collaboration between natural and cultural practitioners.