The session aims to bring role players together to discuss the importance of communities playing a strong role in conservation and using conservation as an economic driver for rural areas. The areas to be highlighted and discussed are: 1. Using conservation to improve livelihood support for rural communities and achieve conservation objectives; 2. Use of community conservation to establish conservation corridors and buffer zones for core conservation areas; 3. Identify and understand the different business models which can be used to achieve these objectives highlighted above through the sustainable use of natural resources; 4. How to obtain support and the involvement of individuals in the communities to improve the flow of relevant benefits and increase understanding of the conservation businesses; 5. Establishing and strengthening governance structures of communities and their leadership; 6. Developing partnerships between land owners and other stakeholders (private, government and NGO) to improve capacity and ensure long term support and therefore successes. Through this initial engagement, we hope to link a core group of practitioners involved in community conservation to ensure an ongoing forum to develop the sector.