Dr Richard H Emslie trained as a wildlife ecologist and has been working largely on rhinos and their conservation since the mid-1980s. Apart from PhD on black rhino feeding ecology, habitat dynamics and management, he worked on white rhino feeding ecology and management which led to proposals for process-based management of Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park in 1985. He was a member of IUCN SSC’s African Rhino Specialist Grp (1992+) and its Scientific Officer (1994+), IUCN’s Asian Rhino SG member (1995+), member of SADC Rhino Mgmt Grp (1989+) and Sthrn Af RESG/Interpol ECWG. Patron of SAB-Boucher Conservation. Past member IUCN Strategic Species Conservation Task Force. Involved in stakeholder workshops to develop regional, national and organizational rhino conservation plans throughout Africa. Attended 6 CITES Conferences of the Parties and 4 Standing Committee meetings as part of IUCN delegation. Co-compiler of joint AfRSG / AsRSG / TRAFFIC reports on rhino status conservation and trade to last three CITES’ CoPs and member of CITES Rhino Working Group. Co-author of IUCN’s African Rhino Action Plan and compiler of IUCN Guidelines for the translocation and reintroduction of African and Asian rhinos. Co-compiler of the AfRSG’s widely used training course for field rangers in rhino ID monitoring techniques. Project leader of the AfRSG’s rhino horn fingerprinting project till this was handed over to SA Police Services. Member SA Statistical Association developing RHINO Bayesian Mark-Recapture and block count data analysis software tools for rhino population estimation. Received IUCN SSC’s Harry Messel Award for Conservation Leadership in 2012.