Steven Germishuizen

A conservation strategy for the plantation industry and the role of certification Continue reading →

Tim O'Conner

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: A review of bush-encroachment in southern Africa: changes and causes Continue reading →

Kevin Kirkman

Cross-continental comparison of fire and grazing influence on vegetation diversity Continue reading →

Ricky Taylor

Land use and water resources management – afforestation impacts in the Maputaland Coastal Plain Continue reading →

Ian Engelbrecht

Environmental diversity as a surrogate for species diversity: an assessment Continue reading →

Paul Gordijn

Assessment of long-term changes in grassland composition in relation to fire treatment in the Cathedral Peak research catchments Continue reading →

Ed Granger

Fire regime, fire frequency and the survival of Protea roupelliae subsp. roupelliae Meisn. in the Sani Valley, uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Continue reading →

Navashni Govender

Comparing two fire management strategies in the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park: consequences for fire regimes and biodiversity Continue reading →

Charmaine Drury

Floristics of KwaZulu-Natal Sandstone Sourveld within the eThekwini Municipal Area, an island biogeography study Continue reading →

Sizwe Hlatshwayo

Mapping wood density variation and canopy cover percentage in the KwaZulu-Natal Sandstone Sourveld using Worldview-2   Continue reading →

Alan Short

Reviving range monitoring using fixed-point photographs and field measurements in Marakele Park, Limpopo Province, South Africa Continue reading →

Kevin McCann

Introduction to Special Session   Continue reading →

Jessica Cockburn

Stewardship: what does it mean? Continue reading →

Cobus Theron

Barriers to the successful implementation of Biodiversity Stewardship initiatives in South Africa Continue reading →

Susan Viljoen

Lessons learnt from implementation of Catchment Stewardship Tools in the Upper uMngeni   Continue reading →

Greg Marindale

Development of a wild game certification scheme in KwaZulu-Natal biodiversity stewardship sites Continue reading →

Isabel Johnson

Threatened plant species and vegetation types in KwaZulu-Natal: the role of the Biodiversity Stewardship Programme in ensuring their survival Continue reading →

Stefan Foord

Surrogates of spider diversity, leveraging the conservation of a poorly known group in the Savanna Biome of South Africa Continue reading →

Vusani Mauda

Ant diversity in an arid peri-urban landscape of the Vhembe Biosphere, South Africa Continue reading →

Mark Robertson

Ant diversity across an altitudinal gradient in the Maloti-Drakensberg Continue reading →

Sandi Willows-Munro

DNA barcoding of urban environments: a look at the invertebrate diversity in the eThekwini Municipal Area (South Africa) Continue reading →

Sanelisiwe Duze

The utility of DNA barcoding in Diptera of eThekwini Continue reading →

Ashrenee Govender

DNA barcoding of Hemiptera in an urban environment (eThekwini, South Africa) Continue reading →

Louis du Preez

Are our frogs about to croak?   Continue reading →

Mea Trenor

Population level conservation strategy of the critically endangered Pickersgill’s Reed Frog (Hyperolius pickersgilli) Continue reading →

Esther Matthew

Operant conditioning of dogs for use in amphibian conservation ecology   Continue reading →

Michelle Delport

Do parasites pose a threat to frogs? Continue reading →

Zoegne Du Preez

The use of electronic information services to evaluate the status of amphibian conservation in South Africa Continue reading →

Abigail Pretorius

Behaviour, thermoregulation and skin pathogen control in Chiromantis xerampelina   Continue reading →

Tim O'Connor

Simplification of the composition, diversity and structure of woody vegetation in a semi-arid African savanna reserve following the re-introduction of elephants Continue reading →

Paul Gordijn

Elephant movement and impact on woody vegetation, Ithala Game Reserve Continue reading →

Jeanetta Selier

Transfrontier elephant populations: challenges to their management Continue reading →

Bulelani Dayonase

Predator prey relationships, prey selection and effects on threatened species to inform risk management, after the reintroduction of lion to Mountain Zebra National Park Continue reading →

Nicky McLeod

Changing tack: alternative management approaches for controlling the spread of invasive wattle in communal landscape Continue reading →

Bheka Memela

Reflection: engaging Ingonyama land stakeholders for biodiversity stewardship partnership in the eThekwini Municipal Area   Continue reading →

Lutendo Mugwedi

Restoration planning for Buffelsdraai landfill site in the eThekwini Municipality   Continue reading →

Natasha Govender

One piece at a time: the makings of a nature reserve   Continue reading →

Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman

The South African National Survey of Arachnida (SANSA) – the way forward   Continue reading →

Carmen Jacobs

Documenting South Africa’s dung beetle diversity (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae; Scarabaeinae)   Continue reading →

James Pryke

Documenting South Africa’s dung beetle diversity (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae; Scarabaeinae)   Continue reading →

Mark Robertson

Using atlas datasets for making more informed conservation decisions   Continue reading →

Tanya Smith

Wattled Crane: Symbols of Water, Wetlands and Life. How to conserve this Critically Endangered Species? Continue reading →

Frik Lemmer

Foraging range, airspace and habitat use of Cape Vultures (Gyps coprotheres) in the Northern Maloti-Drakensberg Continue reading →

Sven Ragaller

Stony point: African Penguin management in a residential area Continue reading →

Simon Morgan

Wildlife ACT monitoring Continue reading →

Natasha Kruger

The importance of crabs and clawed frogs for the kangaroo leech Marsupiobdella africana (Hirudinea: Glossiphoniidae) Continue reading →

Jean Verster

Predation success of native and invasive fish species as biological control for mosquitoes Continue reading →

Xander Combrink

Home ranges of Nile crocodiles in the Lake St Lucia estuarine system Continue reading →

Julia Van Schalkwyk

All corridors are equal, but some are more equal than others – dung beetle and ant assemblage responses to grassland corridor size within a timber production landscape Continue reading →

Mervyn Mansell

Afrotropical Neuroptera and Megaloptera (Insecta) Biodiversity Database   Continue reading →

Burgert Muller

Digitisation projects at the KwaZulu-Natal Museum and their potential importance to conservation   Continue reading →

Megan Loftie-Eaton

The power of citizen science at the Animal Demography Unit   Continue reading →

Connal Eardley

The importance of accurate biodiversity information: an atlassing perspective   Continue reading →

Taryn Gilroy

Satellite tracking priority species   Continue reading →

Sharon Louw

Augmentation of the critically endangered species, Aloe saundersiae   Continue reading →

Suvarna Parbhoo

Citizen scientists making significant contributions to the conservation of threatened plants   Continue reading →

Paul Cryer

Conservation in an uncertain future: is there social and institutional backing?   Continue reading →

Heather Tarrapon

Encompassing provincial monitoring within the National Monitoring Framework Continue reading →

Matt Pretorius

Wildlife and Energy Programme – partnership with Eskom Continue reading →

Neal Haddaway

Knowledge brokering on the conservation front lines Continue reading →

Cameron Mclean

Durban’s Systematic Biodiversity Plan: refining environmental planning at a local level Continue reading →

Dominic Wieners

Conservation plans: Do we have too many? An implementation perspective Continue reading →

Felicity Elliot

What does SPLUMA mean for the securing of the KwaZulu-Natal biodiversity network? Continue reading →

Sean Porter

Marine biodiversity and protected area targets – a global review with recommendations for South Africa   Continue reading →

Richard Boon

Description of the vegetation types of the eThekwini Municipal Area circa 1850 as a baseline for the preparation of a fine-scale systematic biodiversity plan Continue reading →

Rashieda Davids

Incorporating ecosystem service hotspots into urban conservation planning   Continue reading →

Siran Offman

Socioeconomic impact of marine invertebrates collection on Chuiba and Maringanha beaches Continue reading →

Coert Geldenhuis

Assessing access, util. & mngt of marine resources at uMthwalume Continue reading →

Sizwe Nkambule

Biodiversity conservation and utilisation in peri-urban communities: experiences from Inanda and Buffelsdraai Continue reading →

Scotty Kyle

Subsistence vs. commercial: use and abuse of our living natural resources Continue reading →

Sifiswo Keswa

Comparison of medicinal trees densities in False Bay Park and on the Nibela Peninsula Continue reading →

Sarah Findlay

Clearing the confusion: the roles of local formal institutions in regulating firewood harvesting in Bushbuckridge, South Africa Continue reading →

Adrian Armstrong

Lending a helping hand (or ear) to KwaZulu-Natal’s threatened frogs: provincial monitoring protocols and citizen science to implement these Continue reading →

Joanita Viviers

Pit tagging as a tool in monitoring amphibian populations Continue reading →

Donovan Kruger

Effect of airplane noise on the calls of the critically endangered Pickersgill’s reed frog, implications for passive acoustic monitoring of an endangered species Continue reading →

Edward Netherlands

Passive acoustic monitoring of amphibians in the Ndumo Game Reserve Continue reading →

Lize Brown

Monitoring the calling activity responses of Quecket’s River Frog (Amietia quecketti) to changes in atmospheric conditions Continue reading →

Nandipha Bhengu

Monitoring of South Africa’s Protected Areas Management Effectiveness: a national evaluation of progress since 2010 baseline study, using METT Continue reading →

Judy Mann

Leaping into action – the role of ex situ in in situ amphibian conservation Continue reading →

Catherine Namono

Challenges of cultural heritage conservation and mining on the Makgabeng Plateau, Limpopo Province, South Africa   Continue reading →

Pascall Taruvinga

From the island to the mainland; delineation of physical boundaries of World Heritage properties in Africa Continue reading →

Annie Van de Venter-Radford

Rock art tourism and conservation: lessons from the Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Mountains World Heritage Site   Continue reading →

Annie Van de Venter-Radford

A tale of two parks: comparing rock art management practices in Kakadu National park, Australia and the Maloti-Drakensberg Park Continue reading →

Michelle Dye

Terrestrial laser scanning as a tool to improve management of cultural heritage in protected areas Continue reading →

Liza Le Roux

Temporal changes in the large herbivore fauna of Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park Continue reading →

Joris Comsigt

Rhino and former human land use as important drivers of heterogeneity and biodiversity in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park Continue reading →

Adrian Shrader

Using spatial and social ecology for habitat and population management of white and black rhinos Continue reading →

Cleo Gosling

Determinants of vegetation patterns in Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park Continue reading →

Tlou Masehala

Why honeybee forage resources are essential for crop pollination services in South Africa: Results from the Honeybee Forage Project   Continue reading →

Matt Dicken

Socio-economic aspects of the Sodwana Bay SCUBA diving industry, with a specific focus on sharks Continue reading →

Nonhle Mngadi

Lessons from evaluating the value contribution of marine resources to livelihoods options of some coastal communities of KwaZulu-Natal Continue reading →

Matthieu Rouget

Mapping ecological infrastructure in the uMgeni catchment Continue reading →

Natalie Rebelo Da Silva

Tried and tested: approaches to improve research uptake Continue reading →

Harrier Davies-Mostert

Using conservation evidence to make mammal management more effective Continue reading →

Celine Gossa

Mind the gap! How conservation practitioners and researchers exchange scientific information in conservation science Continue reading →

Jeanne Tarrant

Evidence-based conservation for amphibians: relevance for South Africa Continue reading →

Che Weldon

Considerations for invasive disease surveillance from an amphibian host perspective Continue reading →

Cliff Dlamini

Management and control strategies of invasive alien plant species in Swaziland: An overview   Continue reading →

Colette Terblanche

Famine weed – a way forward Continue reading →

Jorge Renteria

Potential distribution and habitat susceptibility of emerging invasive alien plant species in South Africa Continue reading →

Warren Schmidt

Removing invasive animals: recent case studies in South Africa and the importance of communication   Continue reading →

Coena Cholo

People and parks programme in South Africa: “Conservation for the people with the people” Continue reading →

Ruth Kruger

Vulnerability, parks and people: lessons from land claims on protected areas Continue reading →

Lieneke De Visser

The KAZA project: integration or alienation?   Continue reading →

Roger Porter

Challenges faced in nominating the Okavango Delta, Botswana to be listed a World Heritage Site Continue reading →

Ursula Franke

Conserving Chrissiesmeer: developing a management plan for Mpumalanga’s largest Protected Environment Continue reading →

Neo Mathola

You can’t go back and sample the past! Continue reading →

Peter Taylor

Afromontane small mammals feel the heat Continue reading →

Rowan Buhrmann

Effects of simulated elevated temperatures on KwaZulu-Natal Sandstone Sourveld vegetation   Continue reading →

Lyle Ground

The coastal grasslands of the eThekwini Municipality: a floristic investigation with focus on climatic and disturbance drivers of species richness and species composition variation across patches   Continue reading →

Bheka Nxele

Climate change adaptation in eThekwini Municipality: implementation challenges on Ingonyama Trust Land   Continue reading →

Lucas Letsoalo

The effect of livestock grazing systems on rangeland condition of the emerging farmers of Gauteng province, South Africa Continue reading →

Inam Yekwayo

Effect of the surrounding grassland and pine plantation on natural forest arthropod assamblages within Kwa-Zulu Natal timber production areas Continue reading →

Patrick Khubeka

Congruency of selected biological indicators to Wet-Health scores: simplifying the assessment of agricultural impacts on wetlands in the KZN Midlands   Continue reading →

Amy Harvey

Possible effects of agricultural pesticides on tadpoles   Continue reading →