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Joris Cromsigt

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: ASSOC PROF JORIS CROMSIGT – Conserving Africa’s mega-diversity in the Anthropocene: the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park story (Tuesday 7 November 2017) The book that resulted from this study, “Conserving Africa’s Mega-Diversity in the Anthropocene“, will be launched this evening. Centering Continue reading →

James Fitzsimons

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: DR JAMES FITZSIMONS – Building a collaborative national reserve system from public, private and indigenous lands: Lessons from Australia (Thursday 9 November 2017) Over the past 20 years Australia has been systematically expanding the National Reserve System (NRS), Continue reading →
Wendy Foden

Wendy Foden

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: DR WENDY FODEN – Do the climate change species shuffle: conservation managers as dance teachers (6 November 2017) As the prospect of limiting this century’s global warming to 1.5°C dwindles, climate change impacts and the need to adapt Continue reading →

Timm Hoffman

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: PROF M TIMM HOFFMAN – Looking back to conserve the future: the role of historical ecology in conservation practice (Monday 6 November 2017) Historical ecology is the study of the interactions between people and the environment over long Continue reading →
Trevor Sandwith

Trevor Sandwith

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: MR TREVOR SANDWITH – Raising the bar: achieving quality, justice and solutions in protected and conserved areas (Monday 6 November 2017) Progress in the establishment of protected areas around the world has accelerated in the past 15 years Continue reading →